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Saskia de Feijter

Welcome to the Ja, Wol Community

Saskia de Feijter

Welcome to the Ja, Wol Community

Connecting and growing through conscious crafting.

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About Saskia & Ja, Wol

"My name is Saskia, I love Wes Anderson and Tim Burton movies and have way too many fountain pens. (deliberately not mentioning yarn...) I believe knitting with confidence and making conscious decisions will help you get more focus, make you feel les overwhelmed and get more done in less time! Making good and intentional decisions is a much more fun practice than you'd think. No blame and shame but an open and honest journey to a healthier lifestyle."

From knitwear designer to teacher, driving around with yarns and books, settling in a studio, then a small shop followed by a larger shop and then recently focussing on offering a wide community online services and handmade products, I planted Ja, Wol's seed in the middel of the crisis in 2012 and managed to let it grow up and around a few challenging years. Corona times saw it blossom with creative online offers and bringing focus and calm to knitters all over the world that were cut off from their communities. 

My friendly indie yarn shop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands needed an online private community where customers and followers can connect and get insights. I found it here, where people come together that share the vision of creating with respect for man, animal and environment. 

The shop has since closed and it opened the door to spent more time here in the community. I think we can make the knitting industry and our own lives less overwhelming and better for the world, the human family and our animal friends. I have a plan and I'm here to share it with you. 

"I would love it if you could connect your knitting practice to your conscious lifestyle; become a knitter that makes mindful decisions about the products you use and intentional decisions about the projects you make so that you can carve out knitting time for relaxation and stress free self care."


Because social media platforms are usually full of advertising and have crazy algorithms they don't feel private, they can be triggering and feel unsafe.  

"A community is more valuable with every member that joins."

–Gina Bianchini, founder of Mighty Networks

Communicating differently The community might look like a forum or a social media timeline in many ways. But it's not the look but the way we communicate in it that makes our community valuable to all. 

'Sharing is caring' differently We share our experience and experiences with each other so that we can grow and learn from each other. It's not about likes, it's about learning. Because our community is behind a pay wall, we keep it safe from internet pests and offer a kind environment that makes you feel safe enough to share. It's like sitting around a table together and looking in each others eyes. 

A different timeline A chronological timeline or filtering just wat you want to see. Post from your host. Post from the groups you belong to or post from people you follow. You can change the content of your timeline to your needs. So no weird algorithms. Can I get a 'Owwww yeah!!"?

Focussed on our focus There are absolutely no adds. I might mention a product or course I'm running every once in a while, but that's it. You will not be triggered, annoyed or distracted by advertisements. 

Paying in a more constructive way Free social media platforms are not free, you pay with insights in your life. You are giving companies your information so they can target you directly in ways you don't even notice. Paying to become a member here will turn your money into a safe space because we don't have to attract companies for adds. It will help us to offer you information in an environment that is build TOGETHER with you. Decisions are not made ABOUT you but WITH you.

So if you were getting overwhelmed on social media, this is an opportunity do say goodbye to all of that and have all you need to grow and enjoy your craft practice here in a warm, safe, calm and loving community. 

"The Ja, Wol Community (JWC) is an island of focus in a sea of passing waves."


  • Bringing together likeminded (needle) crafters in a community that cares,
  • Offering (information on) sustainable materials & tools,
  • Teaching confidence & consciousness in (needle) craft, 
  • Opening a safe space for everyone and make sure that our members feel welcome so they can meet and learn (from) each other,

  • Opportunity to join our specialized courses and memberships that do a deeper dive into conscious crafting and running your business consciously, 

The Conscious Knitting Club is our premium membership 

A separate paid group in the community, you can join if you want to do a deeper dive and work with others to craft your conscious wardrobe. 

In this club I bring together knitters of all levels who are committed to learning and developing a more conscious practice of our craft.  

We carve out time and focus, eliminating overwhelm to create our own wardrobes and home textiles.
We’ll (learn to) make with respect for humans, animals, and the environment, so that we can each live our values, celebrate our craft and self-sufficiency, and share in our love of knitting with equally passionate and committed friends.

The club offers:  

  • monthly themes, 
  • live interviews with experts, 
  • weekly exercises and downloadable worksheets, 
  • connection & accountability to and from other members so you actually transform transform your practice. IN SHORT: 

learn how to make choices and craft a wardrobe, home textiles and gifts that you actually want and need with yarns and tools that support a GOOD* industry so that you can be free from overwhelm and get back to calm and focussed knitting. 

* GOOD (with love and respect for the human family, animals and the environment.)

Conscious Knitting Club has brought me new perspectives and insights on knitting. On organizing your knitting (for example how to collect your yarn and tools) and the actual knitting (how do you knit, how do you plan, do you -want to- plan etc.) Plus tons of very interesting and valuable information about fibre, making and makers (such wonderful interviews!!). The club is an enormous source of information and inspiration that you can dive in as deep as you want. 

Maaike (aka Breielaar)

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