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About Saskia & Ja, Wol

My name is Saskia, I love Wes Anderson and Tim Burton movies and have way too many fountain pens. (deliberately not mentioning yarn...) I believe knitting with confidence and making conscious decisions will help you get more focus, make you feel les overwhelmed and get more done in less time!

From knitwear designer to teacher, driving around with yarns and books, settling in a studio, then a small shop followed by a larger shop and then recently focussing on offering a wide community online services and handmade products, I planted Ja, Wol's seed in the middel of the crisis in 2012 and managed to let it grow up and around a few challenging years. Corona times saw it blossom with creative online offers and bringing focus and calm to knitters all over the world that were cut off from their communities. 

My friendly indie yarn shop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands needed an online private community where customers and followers can connect and get insights. I found it here, where people come together that share the vision of creating with respect for man, animal and environment. 

The group uses English and Dutch as the main languages.

Welcome all! 


Bringing together knitters in a community that cares

Because social media platforms are usually full of advertising, they don't feel private, here there are no adds (except the odd promotion of my own products obviously) and the timeline is in chronological order so you'll never miss a thing. *Insert sigh of relief here*

Bringing together knitters in a community that cares,

Offering sustainable yarns & tools,

Teaching confidence & concsiousness in knitting.

Here we make a safe space for everyone and make sure that our members feel welcome so they can meet and learn (from) each other. 

We'll share our news and new products here first. As a member you'll get first dibs on our unique products and free information. 

The Conscious Knitting Club (coming soon!) is our new membership.

After working with the club you will know how to answer all the questions you might have around starting and finishing a knitting project that is not about the actual techniques. We will focus on making ethical and conscious choices. So after this you will not only be a great knitter, you’ll even be a GOOD* knitter!  *( Good to the human family, animals and the environment)

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Become a member of the community for free and/ or get all the benefits from joining the membership (coming soon!).

Me and a whole bunch (I would say 'a herd' of friendly knitters are waiting on the other side of the click to welcome you! Come over!


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