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Ja, Wol is for... 

everyone that wants to use their love for crafting to change the world... one stitch at a time

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Ja, Wol is a community platform that hosts a 

  1. a membership journey

  2. a business program 

  3. a business membership

The Ja, Wol Community is a quiet space online without advertising and algorithms. It provides focussed attention and kind community support.

"A community is more valuable with every member that joins."

Communicating differently The community might look like a forum or a social media timeline in many ways. But it's not the look but the way we communicate in it that makes our community valuable to all. 

'Sharing is caring' differently We share our experience and experiences with each other to grow and learn from each other. It's not about likes, it's about learning. Because our community is behind a pay wall, we keep it safe from internet pests and offer a kind environment that makes you feel safe enough to share. It's like sitting around a table together and looking in each other's eyes. 

A different timeline A chronological timeline or filtering just what you want to see. Posts from your host. Posts from the groups you belong to or posts from people you follow. You can change the content of your timeline to your needs. So no weird algorithms. Can I get an 'Owwww yeah!!"?

Focussed on our focus There are absolutely no ads. I might mention a product or course I'm running every once in a while, but that's it. You will not be triggered, annoyed, or distracted by advertisements. 

Paying in a more constructive way  Free social media platforms are not free, you pay with information about your life. You are giving companies insights so they can target you directly in ways you don't even notice. Paying to become a member here will turn your money into a safe space because we don't have to attract companies for ads. It will help us to offer you information in an environment that is built TOGETHER with you. Decisions are not made ABOUT you but WITH you.

So if you were getting overwhelmed on social media, this is an opportunity to say goodbye to all of that and have all you need to grow and enjoy your craft practice here in a warm, safe, calm, and loving community.

Change happens trough community in each link of the production chain. We are part of the sollution. 

Ja, Wol...

☞ Brings together likeminded (needle) crafters and businesses in a community that cares,

☞ Offers (information on) sustainable materials & tools,

 ☞ Teaches confidence & consciousness in (needle) craft and business, 

☞ Opens a safe space for everyone and makes sure that our members feel welcome so they can meet and learn (from) each other,

☞ Offers opportunities to join our specialized courses and memberships that do a deeper dive into conscious crafting and running your business consciously.

☞ Provides a direct link to the Pattern Shift Podcast, where you can ask the guest questions and be part of the think tank


All makers and sellers in the needlecraft space that want to connect to likeminded folk

Our community

☞ images of insta

☞ text of twitter

☞ chat of discord 

☞ videos of You Tube

In one space.


☞ paying with your data

☞ timelines that have nothing to do with time

☞ distractions from ads

☞ algorithms that decide what you get to see


☞ you can ‘build’ your own feed the way you want to see posts

☞ share gifs, pictures, videos, text 

☞ chat 

☞ all in a safe and moderated space

With people that have the same interests but might inspire you and show you new things


Creatives that want to curate and create their closets more consciously in community

The JWC is the beating heart of the Ja, Wol Community. 

It's where 

future forward fun fibre friends

work to 

care for, curate and create their conscious closets. 

We slowly but steadily cheer each other on while we learn about ...

☞ our values

☞ our style

☞ our shape

☞ our taste

We do this with 3 returning things...

☞ 1. monthly themes

☞ 2. weekly topics

☞ 3. pop up polls & questions




Small businesses in the needlecraft industry

The BUILDING BETTER BUSINESSES CIRCLE was built from the ground up with the help of other small creative business owners like you. It’s all you need to lift and grow your business beyond the day-to-day: actionable chunks of info and assignments that you can implement right away. The kind of stuff that makes you clap your hands together and go ‘Oeh oeh oeh, let’s get to work!!’


The BBBC is everything I needed and missed when I started out as a creative business owner.

It was built from the ground up and fully developed with the help of 4 crafty small business owners like myself. (Thanks again ladies!)

It's 100% focused on topics that business owners need help with RIGHT NOW.

Multiple factors are set in place to help you actually DO THE WORK YOU NEED TO DO.

You already are a person with a vision, passion, and talent. You don't need help there.

You just need MOMENTUM, a soft kick in the bum, and like-minded folk to talk to. Some systems in place, a bit of organization PLUS the accountability, support, and collective MAGIC of a community.



Short videos, written content, and audio you can easily 'consume' on the go or in-between tasks, whenever is convenient for you.


Actionable assignments that don't take a week to wrap your head around. Read, do, and implement right away. Grow and lift your business as you go!


Accountability groups, co-working sessions, and live calls motivate you to actually do the work. Sometimes on the spot!


These sessions are for asking questions, talking things through, and bouncing ideas off each other. Sometimes for having a bit of fun. They are flexible about what you need. I'm here to assist and facilitate.


A helpful checklist for crossing off important tasks so you can feel good about getting shit done! And find reasons to CELEBRATE every week!


You'll land in a private BBBC group. And you are automatically welcomed in the wider Ja, Wol Community platform. A magical place of crafty inspiration without ads and distractions. (It might even make you want to leave social altogether...just saying)


Do the ongoing work you started in the program with your new found business friends. Keep the momentum and accountability going. The memberships offer monthly check-ins with Saskia, weekly work, and accountability sessions with other business owners. Everything you need to keep going. The chapters from the program are revisited and new information is shared. 

EXTRAS  ✄ When you join the Building Better Businesses Circle, you are automatically part of the Ja, Wol overarching community where you can hang out with other makers and learn about their practices.

next cohort starts SEPTEMBER 2023


to get updated via mail! 


The September cohort will offer 1:1 mentoring sessions with Saskia. Our group will be small so that there is enough time available for all. Spaces are limited. 

About me

My name is Saskia, meaning as much as ‘short stone sword’. … just saying. I love Wes Anderson and Tim Burton movies and have way too many fountain pens. (deliberately not mentioning yarn...) I believe knitting with confidence and making conscious decisions in crafts, business and life will help you get more focus, make you feel les overwhelmed and get more done in less time! Making good and intentional decisions is a much more fun practice than you'd think. No blame and shame but an open and honest journey to a healthier lifestyle."

🪡  🧶 🧵 I show people how to bypass the fast fashion industry by making their own wardrobe through sustainable and conscious needle practices like knitting and sewing.  

🧘🏻 🌱 🌈 I help business owners in the field retrofit their soul based business and show them how to get the time and focus to work ON rather than just IN their business.

🤝 ❤️ ✏️ I then bring the two groups together in an online community that inspires and offers combined knowledge and accountability through memberships, events and courses. Turning lessons learned into immediate action.

🌙 ☀️ 💫 Growing a self supporting community that shares values and a wish for change away from the overwhelm of social media.

My motto: Buy Less, Buy Better, Make More, Make friends, Make it Last.

3 Ways to join us today!

Whether you are here to 

  • support the 'Pattern Shift' podcast,
  • curate and create your conscious closet in community,
  • hang out with likeminded people,
  • or do some work leveling up your soul-based business...

 There is only one better day than today to join us, you've guessed it: yesterday!

Join our

  1. membership journey - The Journey to Wardrobe Consciousness (JWC)

  2. business program - The Building Better Businesses Circle (BBBC)

  3. business membership - The Business Circle Membership (only available to alumni of the program)

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Ja, Wol is a member of Brand the Change and subscribes to the Ethical Move guidelines for ethical marketing.